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Saint Germanos

Saint Germanos
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Saint Germanos

The village of Saint Germanos calls for a journey through the history, tradition, and nature of the area!

An old large village of Prespa, Saint Germanos is built at an altitude of approximately 1,040m. It is located 49km from Florina and 57km from Kastoria.

Before the Civil War, the village had 3,500 inhabitants! Today it has about 250 inhabitants, whose main occupations are agriculture, animal husbandry, and tourism. The whole settlement is of great architectural interest and for this reason it is characterized as traditional. Many of the remarkable surviving stone houses were built in the settlement before the Second World War, while in the village there is a traditional distillery for the preparation of tsipouro.

It is worth seeing the cruciform inscribed church with a dome of St. Germanos (11th century AD), dedicated to the homonymous Saint and Patriarch of Constantinople, as well as the homonymous newer parish church of 1882. The church of St. Athanasios is also located in the area (17th century AD).

The stream of Saint Germanos or “Paliorema” crosses the village, in the waters of which lives an endemic species of wild trout. Four old bridges survive along the river and one in the village square. The Watermill, which was restored and operates as a place to visit by the Society for the Protection of Prespa, is an important monument of the traditional culture of the region.

In the village operates the Information Center for the Natural Environment of the Prespa Protection Agency and the Byzantine Collection of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Florina.

On the European path E6, which passes through the area, one can find the springs "Motsara" and "Potistra".



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